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About Me? A Twenty-one girl whom worshiped the beach. As soon as I could drive, I was cruising my parents’ sedan to the mall, where I went shopping with the extra cash I made working as a cashier at a restaurant.

About the beauty and Personal care, I was self-taught, influenced by magazines and what I saw on the people around me. Started in high school.

But in makeup, I was definitely not going for the natural look. Instead, I opted for exaggerated heavy black eyeliner and overly tweezed eyebrows in an attempt to get that thin of Angelina Jolie.

Because of my part-time job, I had the choice to get what I need for my beauty essentials: eye shadow palettes, liquid liners, juicy lip glosses, and bronzes to make my sun-kissed glow shimmer. My mom nagged me to put on sunscreen, but I didn’t listen. I’d slather on coconut-scented accelerator to make sure I got the most out of all the hours I spent at the beach.

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